We create meaningful spaces to fuel your life.

“The power of great design and relationships is what we bring to every project.”

Great designs begin with comprehensive understanding of clients’ needs and expectations. It is our goal to provide this level of thought to all parts of the design, from beginning to the end, with the entire team involved; creating a complete vision. We carry this forward into a unified process paying full attention to every detail. 

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Working with a reputable and experienced builder, we collaborate with you to create timeless spaces. Built with the highest quality and designed to last, we are passionate about craftsmanship and are set apart in the industry by offering our unique hands-on approach. Our knowledge, experience and resources can turn your maybe home into your must have home or an incredible potential listing.

Our method is to capture the dream/concept, translate to design and then carefully build the ideas into reality. We are involved in every step, bridging each phase together, saving time while maximizing quality with budget. The streamlined process allows you to enjoy the fun parts of the project while we handle the rest!

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DTE homes can be instrumental in advising what renovations would generate top dollar for your home, carrying out those renovations in a timely professional manner. Leveraging these elements to maximize the profit from the sale of your home.

Local select real estate experts coupled with our design team understand how appropriate design choices in different neighborhoods may significantly affect the valuation of those homes.

This unique expertise allows our team to help clients make the most informed decisions when remodeling, building, or purchasing land.

Now that you know a little of what we do, get to know our AMAZING TEAM!

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"It's more than design. It's where life moments happen."

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We feel beyond blessed that we are able to contribute to a program that helped so many! Please take a moment to help if you can too! Anything is helpful and many children in need will benefit from your generosity.

Funding research on early intensive behavioral instruction
Purchasing equipment to meet individual learning needs

Supporting vocational training
Promoting our ACE® ABA Software System

Sharing educational research findings with clinicians and teachers around the world

The New England Center for Children transforms the lives of children with autism worldwide through education, research, and technology. The educators, program and the integration with typical children is beyond compare. We are happy to report our son is doing AMAZING! He loves school and enjoys all that he is learning.
DTE Homes donates portions of our proceeds to NECC for:

After learning of our son’s Autism diagnosis in 2018, we were determined to find a program that he would excel in and love. At first it seemed that there wasn’t an option that would fit his needs. It went on for a while like this and we started losing hope. Until Angela, our amazing Special Education advocate came into our lives and we finally found NECC, the program of our dreams! 

giving back & paying it forward